My spellcheck is not working in word mac

You can now browse the entire document and look for spelling errors as it will be back working. I wish i had found this before i sent a couple of emails with name spelling errors in them!! Any suggestions?

Check spelling and grammar

Go to Word Options Then the proofing tab At the bottom is a drop down that lists exceptions. If so, then uncheck the Hide options. Thank you for this post! I am an experienced Word user Mac-based and had often come across glitches with the spelling tool. I could never sort it out and hours with MS Office support only resulted in me rebuilding my custom and exception dictionaries.

Use autocorrection

Today, I must have put the right string in the search engine because I landed on your page. Your tips taught me something new and saved me hours of work and frustration. Thank you. Still not working.

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Spell check works fine in a new doc or in my own docs. No exceptions, nothing. So far my workaround is to copy all text, paste it into a new document, spellcheck that, then go fix the errors in the original doc.

When Microsoft Word Won’t Spell Check Your Document

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One Fix For Excel Spellcheck Not Working | Sound Support

One or Two? Noo October 17, at 4: N Reply. This tutorial is very usefull.. This tutorial is very helpfull. Mike April 10, at 6: Alicia Katz Pollock May 9, at 9: If you want to check spelling in a different language, first change the language of the dictionary. To see suggested spellings or grammar corrections for a word, Control-click it, then click the correction you want to use. The word is ignored if it occurs again in the document it will be highlighted in other documents. When your spelling is checked automatically, misspelled words are underlined in red, and suggested corrections are shown in blue under the word.

Accept suggestions: If two or more suggestions are shown, choose one. Undo autocorrections: An automatically corrected word is briefly underlined in blue. You can also Control-click the word to show your spelling, then choose it. Add a word: Control-click the word in your document, then choose Learn Spelling in the shortcut menu.

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The word is added to the macOS dictionary used by Pages and other apps. Remove a word: Control-click the word in your document, then choose Unlearn Spelling in the shortcut menu. The word is removed from the macOS dictionary used by Pages and other apps. Designate words to ignore in Pages: Click , then type the word you want the spelling checker to ignore in Pages documents.

To check only specific text, first select it. To learn about finding and replacing text, see Find and replace text.

Spell check does not work for Mac 2011

In System Preferences, you can set up your Mac to automatically check spelling for different languages. If you have a dictionary file you want to use, copy it to the Spelling folder in your Library folder.

You can also choose a language for the spelling checkering in the Spelling and Grammar window. Click the pop-up menu at the bottom of the window, then choose a language.