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Conclusion Pokemon game series are no doubt one of the best games and emulators are great tools to enable playing Pokemon games on mobile devices and PC.

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There is a rom on a certain cite that, when I download it and try to play in on my emulator, it doesn't work. I'm not an expert with computer language, but it's an exe type file. I understand it needs to be gb, gba, or gbc to work of VisualBoyAdvance, but I need help on how to change it to that. I made a folder on my desktop called Emulation, and inside that is a folder called Visual GameBoy with both the emulator and the rom. This helps make the path easier, right?

The gameplay is similar enough, but the graphics are far improved, not to mention this game is in the johto region, unlike pokemon yellow.

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Like all of the pokemon games, you play as a trainer and your object is to train pokemon and collect badges. This game is great fun, even for those that aren't pokemon fans. It's sort of like an RPG, but not. Pokemon Chrystal is a fantastic RPG for all ages as you embark as a trainer with dreams of becoming the best trainer in the world. This game is a classic and always will be!

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It's the summer of The last thing you saw in the first episode was Ho-Oh. And before you knew it, Pokemon Gold and Silver were announced. They were released and were a huge hit! And then came Crystal.

Let's Play Pokemon Crystal (on a Mac) Part 1

This game was the first to feature animated Pokemon on a handheld device. It also improved most graphics such as remaking Entei and Raikou's sprites to match their artwork, and fixing most sprite related bugs.

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This game also introduced to option to play as a girl which would be featured in many games to come. Overall this is a great game. I'd reccomend it to any pokemon fan. Amazing game, perfect for anyone studying actual transitions in game.