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Weather Guru

With its gorgeous and easy to use interface, the app provides live weather forecasts, helpful notifications and always keeps you updated with hourly data for 7 days ahead. Also, the app allows you to add multiple locations to your favorites list, providing an at-a-glance overview of the current weather situation at different places.

Dock & Menubar Weather Forecasts

Everyday, shortly after you turn on your Mac, Weather Guru will give you a notification with a summary of the weather forecast for the day. Weather Guru taps into weather alerts and notifies you if there are any particular known hazardous conditions that you should watch out for. Keep updated with the latest weather forecast information in both your menubar and dock icon.

Weather Guru taps into a multitude of weather data providers to present the most accurate hourly forecasts possible.

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What is Weather Guru? Buy Direct. Daily Weather Summary Everyday, shortly after you turn on your Mac, Weather Guru will give you a notification with a summary of the weather forecast for the day.

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That's interesting. Powered by Dark Sky, Carrot offers accurate weather forecasts with personality. A snarky comment welcomes you each time you launch Carrot along with a scene featuring unique images and characters. Carrot presents weather in three formats: Carrot also includes a distinctive Time Machine feature that allows you to see what the weather was like in your location on a previous date. Turn to a future date and see what could happen based on historical data.

Pure Mac: Weather - Software for Mac

Want even more? There are quick ways to monitor your system's status, find out what's on TV, control your thermostat, and much more. Featuring radar data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA and detailed weather forecasts, this Mac app is beautifully designed and thorough in its scope. You can also find conditions locally or from locations around the world. Read More on iOS.

Change it up: Like Carrot, Swackett allows you to add a forecast to the Today Notification screen. With one click, you can access more detailed information, including a two day future forecast. An in-app purchase gives you an extra four days of weather, adds an hourly weather forecast for three days, and gives you the ability to add multiple forecast locations.

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Are you only looking for a simple weather solution for your Mac? Even more: Click anywhere on the WeatherBug box to visit the official WeatherBug website where you can find more detailed information. Weather 5 days freemium is another simple weather app. It adds an hourly forecast and five-day daily forecast to the menu bar.

Other data includes humidity, cloud cover, visibility, wind speed, direction, and more.

What is Weather Guru?

You can make an in-app purchase to remove ads, manage your favorites, and get detailed forecasts over five days. An added advantage: You can pin the results of your Siri search onto the Today Notification screen. There are many great ways to view weather information on your Mac. While some of these solutions do come at a premium, many do not.

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